The only constant is change

Peter Drucker

How We Help You

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • TUPE
  • Organisation restructures
  • Business Change Projects
  • HR Strategy change projects
  • Integration projects
  • Harmonising terms and conditions
  • Organisation Culture
  • Employee Engagement

HR Consultancy & Business Change

Much has been said about change, but things do change and some people can't handle it. It's a popular view that “people don’t resist change but they resist being changed”. To make sure your business changes are successful, it's important to ensure all the people are "on board".

Whytepark specialise in working with organisations to deliver change projects that ensure the impact on people is implemented with due care and attention.

Whatever the "change", we can help you get through it and achieve your business goals.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Understanding the key drivers behind the strategy and identify potential HR issues. For example implementing a retention programme for star talent, while focusing on potential cost savings on your human capital. 


Minimising the impact of red tape following business change. Whytepark manages the relevant HR/TUPE related activities, including correct disclosure of Employee Liability Information and consulting with employees or representative groups.  

Organisation Restructures

Providing support to ensure you achieve the new operating structure and deliver cost savings.   

Business Change Projects

Stakeholder Management : Help clarify your specific objectives and deliver the business change you require. 

We engaged Derek Liddell of Whytepark HR to lead a project to implement an HR Business Partner model into our Organisation. Derek worked effectively with stakeholders at all levels to deliver the new structure and to communicate a new way of accessing HR and information for our managers and staff. His pragmatic approach and excellent ideas enabled the change to be delivered successfully within budget and timescales. ” 

Group Services Director, Dunedin Canmore Group

For more help on resolving HR issues, looking at ways of enhancing your staff team, or getting correct HR protocols and procedures in place, please contact us on telephone 0131 290 2330 or email us at We would be happy to help.

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