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HR Advice & Guidance

We're all here to help each other; what the others are here for, I don't know.” 

W H Auden


How We Help and Support You

  • Furlough - Job Retention Scheme
  • Staff not returning from furlough
  • Change to working hours
  • Redundancy
  • Revising employment contracts
  • Recruitment
  • Staff Handbooks & policies



Advice and Guidance available when you need it

Things are changing so fast with Coronavirus and it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with everything.

We can help by providiving you with real HR Advice & Guidance at affordable costs – we can help you.

How have we helped our clients during COVID19

We have been available to help Directors, Business Owners and Managers with their questions, seven days a week.

We have provided them with the right support to deal with their issues properly and quickly. This then allows them to focus on doing what they do best - running their business.

It's all about peace of mind and having a reliable person to talk to when needed.

COVID19 - What Advice & guidance have we provided?

We were on hand to provide clear direction on guidance on the following:

  • Local lockdown and quarantines
  • Employee self isolating
  • Sick pay 
  • Procedure should an employee contract Covid19
  • How to manage staff working at home
  • Safe workplaces and social distancing 
  • Returning to the workplace
  • Redundancy programmes

Furlough Scheme

The furloiugh scheme has changed shape a number of times, we have ensured our Clientsunderstand all aspects of the Furlough scheme and how it impacted their employees and their business. 

  • Clarity on furlough scheme rules
  • Pay during furlough
  • Letters to issue to employees
  • Employees not returning to work from furlough
  • Annual leave queries 


We have been continuing to support our clients with Disciplinary procedures to address performance and behavioural issues.

Even although we are in a pandemic, these matters still need to be addressed in a compliant manner.

Employment Contracts and Staff Handbooks

The last few months has been an opportunity to review these documents. We have been suporting our clients to ensure they are up to date and meet their current business needs.   

Get your HR Advice and Guidance when you need it. 

We understand at this time, many businesses are looking to reduce costs. And spending money on HR is perhaps not a priority.

Whytepark HR can provide help at affordable prices, allowing you to focus on managing your business.  

If you would like a free consultation - please get in touch at info@whytepark.co.uk

 We are hugely grateful to Whytepark HR for their unfailing help and support with our recent HR problems. We cannot recommend their services highly enough.” 

For more help on resolving HR issues, looking at ways of enhancing your staff team, or getting correct HR protocols and procedures in place, please contact us on telephone 0131 290 2330 or email us at info@whytepark.co.uk. We would be happy to help.