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Managing Your People

Words are words, explanations are explanations, promises are promises, but only Performance is reality

Harold S. Geneen


How We Help and Support You

  • Train your managers to lead their teams and deliver excellent performance
  • Work from home efficiently
  • Flexible working  
  • Have effective plans to deliver your goals
  • Creating the right organisation culture for productive working 
  • Having procedures and structures in place to manage your team
  • Knowing how to invest in your team to get the best results


Managing your People 

COVID19 is turning out to be a challenging test for managers, as the whole world has changed, and they need to change too. The new normal means that you may have to do things differently than before, we are here to listen to you and help you get there.

Some of the changes in the workplace managers have to adapt to include :

  • Awareness of mental health issues
  • Employees being asked to work from home where they can.
  • Home working not always possible between standard working hours
  • Flexible working and making sure it's a success for everyone 
  • Employees who are in the workplace find some of their colleagues are absent (self-isolating, shielding)  
  • Employees on furlough
  • Employees on flexible furlough.

There is a lot to deal with and through it all they need to be able to manage performance and manage it well.

Performance can always be improved, and good people will always be keen to step up. The difference between planning success and delivering the results is having the right people with the right skills, and the right approach.

Improved performance can be achieved now.

Whytepark identifies and delivers the performance you require, while addressing issues blocking success. 

Improving skills and managing performance

Whytepark can provide effective performance management practices to help you get the best from your team and help them reach their full potential.

Leadership Capability

Provide training for your managers to ensure they lead their teams to greatest effect.

Review procedures to make sure they are 

Managing Performance

At Whytepark, we believe in making every effort to fix performance problems, and in the majority of cases this is successful.

However if performance doesn't improve we can help you review your options and take the necessary action.  

Invest In Your Team

Managers and their teams need a combination of skills and challenges to deliver their best.

We can help with a variety of learning and development opportunities:

  • Difficult conversations
  • Performance management
  • Complaint handling
  • Relationship management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Leadership/management skills

For more help on resolving HR issues, looking at ways of enhancing your staff team, or getting correct HR protocols and procedures in place, please contact us on telephone 0131 290 2330 or email us at info@whytepark.co.uk. We would be happy to help.